Monday, September 6, 2010

Free Fall Advice: 4 Ways to Welcome Winter

Back from my late summer holiday and a short trip to the Okanagan Valley and I am tucking in for fall. What can I say about fall? So love the turning of the season - long, warm days getting shorter and turning into clear, cool nights...

The vibration of excitement in the air: for some back to school and for others the planning out of winter projects. Work is serious again and I become industrious about organizing home, office and garden. I am much more inclined to resolution in September than in December - what about you?

Here are 4 ways I am welcoming winter at my house:

1. Organizing my books: Yes. I mean it this time. I have books in every room of the house. Shelves full of them, stacks tucked away in closets and cupboards, borrowed books waiting to be returned to rightful owners, bedside books on the bureau, cookbooks in the kichen (by the baker's dozens!) paperback thrillers in bags to send to my uncle, many patient volumes awaiting winter reading (or possibly spring!), and more books on the way from those lovely online providers ... this will result in the Great Fall Book Giveaway. Friends, look out. (Readers: send me one of your fall resolutions and I'll send you a lovely used book).

2. House Weeding: House weeding is a term coined by my friend and fellow-blogstress barnesgirl, and it is just what it sounds like. Winnowing through cupboards, closets and drawers and getting re-organized or ridding yourself of unloved junk and generally smartening the place up. My triumphs: t-shirt & nightie drawer, landry-room cupboards and - yes, under the kitchen sink! More to come.

3. Changing up housewares: With the changing of the seasons, I like to change up bedding, dishes, draperies and other household sundries. I stash away my cheerful fruit-patterned Mikasa and bring out my more sedate ceramics. Light summer sheets get replaced with cozy flannelettes and bright pillow-covers are exchanged with serene neutrals.

4. Watching Season Two of Larkrise to Candleford - (after all this is a blog about idleness). One of my guily pleasures is getting DVDs of favourite shows and watching them end-to-end night after night. Regular television pales in comparison - especially when it is feel-good period drama! My hubby bought me Season One of this charming British series for my birthday in the spring and Season Two arrived in the middle of summer. We both agreed to tuck it away for winter pleasure. The anticipation!

Don't forget: send me (via comment ) one of your great fall resolutions, activities or goals, and I'll send you a gently used book. Please include your email address so we can communicate directly :)

Link to information about Larkrise to Candleford:

Link to Barnesgirl's blog: Time to Spend -


  1. Would you like to come organize my books and weed my house when you're done? :) Those all sound like great activities, and Hubby and I have actually been doing some organizing and straightening up as well. Although I appreciate the offer, I don't need any more books (just got 2 more at the Decatur Book Festival -- oh, dear!), but I hope your used ones find good homes.

    I love the Okanagan Valley! Great wines up there. :)

    I followed the link to your blog on a whim after seeing your #amwriting tweet, and I'm glad I did! Nice to "meet" you!


  2. OMG!! Lark Rise to Candleford !!! it is MY one weakness as well! Unbelievable, well maybe not. I confess that I love Minnie, she is so charming and I have watched all of Season Three as well. Which is fabulous btw. And now I must wait until January before new episodes will air on BBC. I confess that I watch all my episodes on YouTube. It is such a charming show.
    Love the bookcase, LOVE the sideboard, and love the weeding. Good always comes from weeding as what you no long need is destined to become someone else's 'fabulous find'.