Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Salute to Summer: Gone but not Forgotten.

One of the ways I pursue happy idleness is messing around with technology. I have to admit that my curiosity about gadgets, apps and their technological possibilities far outweighs my skill. An ambition of my middle age, and one I am sure will take me well into old age, is to at least keep up! I said to my sister-in-law today that I will probably still be using my laptop in my 90's. She said I probably won't have one. I assumed she meant lap. But I digress.

In my work (which I promise not to focus on in this blog, hand over heart!) I advocate for social media and help my clients apply it to their work. I also love to play on Facebook and Twitter, and am a self-confessed Farmville addict.

Blogging is fun, too.

Lately, I have been moodling around with online video production programs. And, oh my! A new weakness. So my blog this week is a video tribute to summer, capturing some of my favourite elements of the season we are saying farewell to - at least here in the Northern Hemisphere - and celebrating summer food. In happy anticipation of the autumn and then the winter, I offer my Salute to Summertime.

With heartfelt thanks to the fine young folks at Animoto.


  1. Oh Vicki, I am soooo impressed!!!! Just beautiful! I see you have been canning too. You see the big picture so well. I can see many applications with a presentation like yours. Thanks for dinking my addled brain! LOL!

  2. Great job Vicki! I'd say you're more than keeping up! =)

  3. Dar sent me a message about your blog. It's wonderful. ( I tried the raspberry cake recipe too).Hope the autumn is treating you well.