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Dearest Blog Readers!

There is nothing in blog-land that makes me happier than your comments on my posts. In fact, it is my one weakness! The simplest way to be able to comment is to set up a Google Account and "follow" the blog. The Direct from Google instructions can be found here:

All you need is an email address and a password and you will have a google identity. With the identity, you can post comments on my blog - or any other blog! Usually you are asked to choose an identity (so you would choose your google account by entering your email and password), and then you are asked to type in a word that is presented in a distorted way - this is to make sure you are 'human' and not a nasty spambot.
Friends follow friends. Play, Dick, play.

Once you have your identity you can click on the Follow with Google Friend Connect on my home page, and you will be able to comment to your heart's content.

It's that easy. And it means so much to get your comments. There are lots of other things you can do with a google identity! Once you have one, you can investigate the possibilities. Happy cyber-trails!

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