Monday, August 30, 2010

Fab Finds: Themes it Seems

Yes - it's true. The birds are migrating. Summer is turning to fall and it is time that feathered friends head south for the winter. I love the reliability of these migratory patterns. I am reassured by them. I like watching the birds that stop off in our communal yard and compete with the squirrels for food. I like the last lazy warm days of summer and getting ready to tuck in my home for the winter.

I was inspired this summer by the birds that chatter and chirp in our yard to create a bird theme in my funny little garden. It seems with the hint of autumn that the inspiration is migrating indoors with my latest fab finds! I am just crazy about these bird-shaped salt and pepper shakers from Pier One. So much so, I bought two sets - one for each end of the family table. And, noting my enthusiasm for the cheeky pairs, the sales clerk pointed out these darling bird-patterned side plates. How could I resist? It will be like summer all year long.

And of course, needing somewhere to put all these finds of mine, hubby and I also purchased a new sideboard. I have to admit, it is a knockout beside the teak table and adds extra storage for serving platters and teacups. My imaginary french country kitchen is woefully short of cupboards. (I'll have to dream some up!) And what fun we are having rearranging artwork and furniture to accommodate this newest piece! (well, I'm having fun - can't speak for hubby.) It is a perfect nest for my treasures.

Speaking of treasures, my mother passed along these china mugs to me this summer. China mugs are my one weakness and these ones belonged to my Great-Aunt Helen who passed away a few years ago. She was one of the truly great dames and taught me much about life, leisure and accessorizing. Along with these lovely china mugs, I possess several of her many costume brooches and a lifetime's worth of elegant fashion advice but that is for another blog!


  1. Your 'finds' are fabulous! Thanks for sharing....

  2. Ooooh I love the blog vamp! It is a small reward, after a busy few weeks I now have several of your postings to catch up on...