Friday, July 30, 2010

Bring on the Dancing Blueberries

"Wow, look at them dance - the blueberries, can you see them?" This is a funny little memory of mine, one of the latter ones I have of my Dad, who having just woken up from one of a series of surgeries, displayed a very uncharacteristic child-like wonder at the anaesthetic-induced visions he was having.  This particular one involving blueberries.

I can relate - I think fantasizing about blueberries, dancing or not, is a good thing. And another good thing is that it is blueberry season in the Fraser Valley. I have been stuffing myself with these dusky blue anti-oxidant filled fruit wonders in their natural state, with ice-cream, in bluebery turnovers (omg), and in blueberry peach shortcakes. And - oh yes- Blueberry Cake. A simple and delicious variation of the Famous Raspberry Cake (for the recipe, visit my July blog archive - simply replace raspberries with blueberries).

I just can't seem to get enough of these, and canny as I am (an inherited trait and also good for a food preservation pun), I know blueberry season will (sadly) end, so I want to preserve their amazing summer sweetness for as long as possible.
So, I spent the cool of a summer morning making blueberry jam - which I dedicate to my Dad. I used barnesgirl's recipe which you can find on her blog: and from the sound of lids pinging and the slow roll of the jam in the jars when I tilt them and squint to inspect them - a very good batch indeed.

Canny Stan's
Dancing Blueberry Jam.


  1. wow what a good job! the jam looks lovely. Funny as I was thinking about making a fresh blueberry cake this weekend and look at that... you made one already.

  2. Mm.blueberries. Thanks for the great idea! :)