Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Lunch in the Garden

In one of my previous posts, I described a near-perfect Saturday. That Saturday was followed by a near-perfect Sunday.

Hubby and I were invited for Sunday Lunch in the Garden with my friend Cie, and her somewhat demanding, yet hopelessly endearing sheepdog Pheobe (or is that hopelessly demanding and somewhat endearing? I'm never sure with Pheobes).

Cie is a kindred spirit. Devoted to farm fresh local food, a creative cook, and an avid collector of delightful "stuff", she also has an innate sense of comfortable living and a unique personal style. Needless to say I love being invited to her place and she is always top of my list for local catering and pot lucks.

Lunch in her garden  is not just a treat for the tastebuds.  I love gardens - (they're my one weakness) - and this garden features lovely greenery and sweet growing things, along with items that Cie has collected, artfully displayed to maximize both their use and their beauty - I just love that, too.

In addition to shared views on politics, food and community life, we share a delight in old china, family heirlooms and fabulous finds, so between the conversation, the delicious organic food and the real silver, I was in lunch heaven. Hubby seemed pretty happy, too. Cie kindly tuned the radio to the final World Cup Soccer game.

Bliss among the teacups.


  1. Please tell Cie that I love (LOVE!) the tablecloth.

  2. I am lucky< Sue - and I know it - and gratitude plays a big part in health & wellbeing. So does eating mazing food with friends! Maybe someday we can share a meal.

    And, darlene, you know that tablecloth. I bought a batch of them for my mom's 70th Party in the Garden. Cie uses the same ones for her booth at the Farmer's Market and lamented not being able to find any anymore, so I gave her the she can use them for her booth and I can "borrow" them back anytime. So nice to visit them!