Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yoga for the Birds

Today I am moodling about a bird picture I'd like to create for the garden. I am part-way there. I can feel the idea humming around in my head - partially formed pieces of inspiration coming together kind of the way a bird's nest does: some twigs, the odd thread plucked from the grass, a bit of mud or straw, something twinkly that is just irresistable...

The shape or outline is vaguely there and I feel a quiet confidence and a quickening of pulse as I know it will all come together - soon. I am eager to hunt up a frame, begin experimenting with backgrounds and at the same time I know more idleness is needed - slow down, Vicki! I was inspired today by reading a commencement speech given by writer, Anne Lamott. Here is an excerpt:

"But slow down if you can. Better yet, lie down. In my 20s I devised a school of relaxation that has unfortunately fallen out of favor in the ensuing years -- it was called Prone Yoga. You just lie around as much as possible. You could read, listen to music, you could space out, or sleep. But you had to be lying down. Maintaining the prone."
Maintaining the prone. At last someone has named my yoga practice!

To read the full (funny & inspiring) speech:


  1. I am just now reading my first Anne Lamott book, Grace Eventually. She does have that wonderfully quirky way of looking at things. She makes me think and feel..... Moodling is ok for me when I am stuck creatively but when the 'bolt' strikes me, I must create and not think about it at all. I guess we all work differently!

  2. Thanks Sue, I love the feeling of moodling as I am waiting for the bolt. It is a relaxed yet expectant place. Something like what a seed feels before it sprouts and is only dreaming itself up, I imagine.

  3. A good point Vicki! That expectant place is dreamlike. A good reminder for me to slow down!

    I tried to read Ann's speech and there was an advertisement that blocked reading it. I'll try again.

  4. I made it into the speech! Really wonderful speech. Thanks for sharing Vicki!