Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#ElectMR: A Happy Ending

Here's the thing. I think I have a pretty okay life. Sometimes, even excellent. I look around at the lives of my friends and neighbours and I'd say they have pretty good lives, too. Comfortable homes, plenty to eat, good schools, safe get the drift.

My Town, a pretty typical North American suburb, has some typical problems, too. Housing costs are high, traffic gets congested, and maintaining the dynamic balances between sprawl and density, residential and commercial tax rates, farming and industry, green space and built space pose ongoing challenges. And, sadly, some folks are hungry.


Life is good.

This weekend, my community goes to the polls to elect civic leaders. There's going to be some change. (Generally, change is a good thing in my opinion - so is stability, by the way, another dynamic balance). But here's the other thing - as we get closer to E-day, the debate is getting a little frenzied. A little frantic. Intense. And kind of out-of-focus and lacking in scale. Following the current political conversations, online and off, gives me the impression that circumstances in My Town are dire and that a misstep in the voting booth could be cataclysmic.

So, in the midst of the frenzied final countdown to the polls, I'd like to offer this: Thank you.

Thank you to the Mayor and Councillors who've served conscientiously and well. Thank you to the candidates for running, whether you get elected or not - I appreciate your contributions to the good life I enjoy. Thank you to civic staff and community volunteers who collectively keep the whole thing functioning. Thank you to engaged citizens - for caring and for voting. An advance thank you to those to be elected - I'm confident you, too, will offer the best that you have to make good lives better.

And in return for my thanks, I ask only this: Relax. Everything is going to be OK.

photo: minksmusings

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