Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Craft Fair Addict's 4-Step Guide to Enlightenment

Today's practical wisdom comes from scrabble tiles, buttons and woolly socks. Conscious crafts.

A Four-Step Guide to Enlightenment
(Glue-gun may be required)

1. Be creative.

'Cuz you just don't know how life is going to unfold -
and as it does, you might have to rearrange your letters.

 2. Dream.

And don't be buttoned-down about it...

3. Love. It's a verb.

Fly the 'love' banner. 
Not just another good idea. It actually makes the world go round

4. Connect.

Wherever you go, go with friends.
Find your tribe.
(And when you do,  have some fun monkeying around with them.)

Photos by Vicki McLeod
Bunting by Barnesgirl
Pillow by Michelle Taylor 'Giraffe and Bunny'

If you love craft fairs and are keen on vintage cool, then you're a kindred spirit - check out the Fieldstone Vintage Market on December 3. I'll be there, like all good seekers.


  1. Ah! love those sock monkeys! What a nice post to read with my Monday morning oatmeal and cup o' jo !

    See you December 3rd at Fieldstone.

    And now that I see them again, I may return to Ft Langley to purchase a sock monkey of my very own!

    Have a great week & thanks for posting.

  2. I thought of my sister when I read number one! sometimes you need to rearange your letters!

  3. Darlene - I so agree about the sock monkeys :) They're adorable, whimsical and nostalgic all at once!

  4. Heather - Yes, it might be a good 'game' plan whenever troubled to ask "How might I need to rearrange my letters?" A kind of scrabble-inspired reframing of the situation. Cuz typically, it's like "Yep - my letters just got rearranged!".

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