Thursday, July 1, 2010

Contentment & Caramel Sauce

There are two things I love (okay, for those of you who are following this blog, you know there are more than two - way more.). Nevertheless. One of the things I love is face time with friends. I really like social media, too, and can happily post back and forth on Facebook until my Farmville cows come home, but I really, really love getting together with people and hanging out. The other thing I love is food. Surprise!

Both of these activities (is food an activity? Nevermind.) give me a feeling of contentment and deep pleasure. A week or so ago I got to combine both into one really great Thursday night. One of my girlhood friends and I bought tickets to a cooking demonstration by Food Network chef Anthony Sedlak held at the incomparable Lepp Farm Market - yes, the same Lepp Farm Market of raspberries and ice cream fame from previous posts. Rob and Charlotte Lepp hosted an amazing evening of cookery that included a full three courses featuring local products and Fraser Valley wines, to boot.

Sedlak was a riot - he's a real personality with a bonafide talent and a very convivial approach to teaching. There was space for only 20, so we got our money's worth. I happily bought his recipe book and am already thinking about who else to buy it for - and looking forward to the next cooking class.

Spending time with a friend, eating great local food creatively prepared, and supporting the dream of local farmers who want to bring good food to our tables. Truly, one of the best Thursday nights I've ever spent. Not to mention the Date Pudding with Caramel Sauce. Mouthwatering.

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