Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Healthy Happy Table

I finished my 3-month cleanse at the end of July. In many ways, the cleanse was one of the biggest challenges I've ever taken on - I'm a foodie and I'm also rather self-indulgent. Oh, you hadn't noticed? Ahem.

And the cleanse was really restrictive. I mean. Really. Restrictive. Proud to say, though, I managed it, and - not only that - I'm happier. Healthier. Thinner. More energetic. And did I say happier?

So I've decided to embrace this new way of eating as my regular diet. Oh, I'm going to cheat once in awhile - for favourites (like the Chinese at Flo's in Scottsdale. Especially the Mu Shu. Muuuu Shuuuu.). And I am definitely adding fresh fruit and sugar substitutes like honey and agave nectar to the roster, but overall...I'm going clean.

Here is a little video I made, honouring my choice. And really, the choice is about honouring myself. (Told you I was self-indulgent. Surprise!). A tribute to health and happiness.

Enjoy, and happy eating!


  1. I'm with you Vickie. Been battling this out myself since last spring to figure out what allergies I have. Wonderful video. You are a fine teacher!

  2. Thanks Sue! and keep going with your investigation of the allergies. Changing your diet will change your life - for the better! Somehow the simplification is very satisfying as well. Glad you liked the vid!

  3. The video is splendid. You have found a new passion I think!

  4. Yes! And it appears to be contagious! Yay!