Sunday, July 17, 2011

Must Love Peas

Beautiful pea shoots from Mission, BC.
I am a big fan of happy collisions, and one of the summer's best is the collision of halibut season and pea season.

Yes, it is that time of year. Peas planted in the March cold are sweet and ripe and halibut is plentiful.

I'm convinced that the arrival of both of these delicious foodstuffs is part of a grand cosmic scheme to inspire fine dining chock-full of healthy goodness. (The food gods do want us to be healthy and happy!)

Last week hubby and I (another happy collision!) collaborated on a made-in-July summer dinner inspired by a find of fresh pea-shoots at the local Farmer's Market. Not only that, my sadly neglected June issue of Bon Appetit magazine just happened to feature a mouthwatering recipe featuring peas, pea shoots, and halibut. Spooky, I know. Another collision.

My fresh peas (and some back-up frozen ones) make a happy addition  to the pea & spinach puree

The dish starts out with a puree of peas and spinach. A super-healthy combination that comes out a rich, deep green. Fresh peas - which I just happen to have in my very own funny little garden - are added, and at the last, as the halibut is grilling, fresh pea shoots are wilted into the puree. (On points, I'd probably omit this last step and just serve the pea shoots fresh on the side. They seemed to give the puree a certain 'weediness', and they are so pert and delicious on their own).

Halibut on the grill. OMG.
 A mixture of finely sliced lemon rind, shallots, parsley (from the garden too!) and olive oil makes a kind of a gremolata/salsa to top the fish that gives it a real boost. There is this bright, fresh pea puree taste combined with the buttery-smoky halibut, and then the sparkly sharp lemony salsa kick. Yummy.

Salsa-y gremolata tops the fish. Oh my.

This meal is elegant, summery and uber-healthy. Plus clean. Yes, I am still on my cleanse (ten weeks and counting!) and this dish alone could convince me to stick with it.  Of course, you must love peas. Which I do. 

Peas and halibut - so happy together...


  1. You know, as long as I've known you, you have loved peas!

    The grilled halibut looks delish!!

  2. Thanks, you two! It was fab.