Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home is Where the Spa Is.

I love a spa.

I also love a good manicure, pedicure, body buff and facial.
Also candlelight.
Calming music.
Essential oils (geranium and lavender - yum!).
Fluffy towels.
Bubble bath.
A good book.
My nightie.
And space...

Five Steps to a Perfect Day Spa - without leaving home!

1. Take the space:
I chose my bedroom and bathroom to turn into a private sanctuary for one afternoon. 

Tidy up. Clear out the clutter. Close the blinds. Turn off the phone. Shut the door on the outer world and say hello to your inner world. Light a candle. The world can spare you for one afternoon. Hello.

Hello, inner world.

2. Pick a theme:
Choose a contemplative theme - and transform your space (in my case the edge of the tub) with beautiful objects you love to look at. The kind that make your eyes happy just to land on them. Add something to symbolize your theme.

Imagine Peace

3. Create the atmosphere:
Treat all your senses - sight, sound, smell. Select your favourite bubble bath or essential oils. Find some calming music, load it onto your iPad, iPod, or stereo. Let the music take you inward as you relax. Listen. You'll hear something remarkable. You.

I hear you. 

4. Assemble your supplies:
Check that you have everything you might need handy, so that you have no reason to break the spa-spell.  Fluffy towels. Check. Tea. Check. Manicure set. Check. Two uninterrupted hours. Check. Fluffy robe. Check. Favourite colour of nail polish. Check. Fluffy little cotton balls. Check. Book. (Checkbook not needed - you're home! It's free!)

Manicure-in-a-basket. Magic.

5. Indulge.
Thoroughly. Slowly. Completely. And don't emerge until you're done. See you in two hours. Maybe three.

See you later. Much later.


  1. Now all I need is the spa looking bathroom - hmm - reno out of the question - got it! I will sink into the tub with a good book...Ahhhhhhhh

  2. Thanks Lorene! I say candlelight can improve any space. (and any face, for that matter!). Immerse yourself in your indulgence!

  3. I've been working hard Vickie!!!! This looks so good. You are a great motivator friend! :-) Sue

  4. Thanks Sue! I've been following your blog and you are rockin'! dynamic times require dynamic balance. Go, girl!

  5. This is great, Vicki, thank you! I love this line "The kind that make your eyes happy just to land on them".