Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Friends of Facebook Love Song Jamboree

Last week, inspired by a post from the Vancouver Observer, I asked my Facebook friends to post their favourite love songs in time for Valentine's Day.  I kicked off the request by posting two of my faves, "Dance Me to the End of Love" and "I'm Your Man" by the inimitable Leonard Cohen, who some say sounds like a week of hard road, but whose dark, gravelly forest of a voice gives me shivers (the good kind) and whose poetry simply breaks me open.

I admit it. I have a weakness for love. I prefer it to a lot of other things. Too many to name. So, in honour of Saint Valentines Day, I am posting my official Friends of Facebook Love Song Jamboree.   I offer it with a wide-open heart and a million thanks for sharing these intimate, haunting, romantic, beautiful, tender, evocative and even quirky-charming tunes. The VERY BEST part of putting together the playlist is the glimpse it's given me into the romantic musical preferences of my Facebook community. As I listen to the songs (pretty much daily since I started building the list) I find myself fondly connecting the song to the sender, and in true Valentine's spirit, getting the message.

My heart has swelled, my eyes have brimmed, and my poetic little soul has been wailing "At Last" in true Etta James style, as I connect to my deep, abiding, and often neglected, love of spoken word, poetics and lyrical renderings.

I am poet. Hear me roar.

Your songs and postings stirred a voice within me. I hear it whisper (in a voice not unlike Leonard's)...
"Be Mine".

Please visit the page Love Song Jamboree to see the Valentine's playlist. then visit iTunes and create a list for yourself.  Spend some time playing it for that special someone. You.


  1. Thanks Vicki! Can't wait to be working to love songs all day!