Saturday, January 8, 2011

Transitioning to 2011

Delightful dessert - mince tarts, shortbread and eggnog ice cream.
(Yes, it's true. swoon.)
 Mince tarts are a heavenly leftover during the lollidays.
I love this time of year, because it is so FULL of possibilities. Just as I am full. Of home-cooked food - including plenty of favourite cookies and tarts - and brimming over with renewed relationships, strengthened family ties and enough gifts and trinkets to keep me happily occupied during those precious days between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve - the ones where the furthest I need to go is from couch to fridge in my new Christmas jammies to make a turkey sandwich, and all my needs appear to be met effortlessly. (Oh - to hold this state as I go about my day-to-day life the rest of the year!)

The decorations are sleeping all snug in their boxes...
Don't you love those days? The lollidays, I call them. Just quietly letting the old year come to close while I moodle and tinker, snooze and dream. Fuelled of course by the comforts of flannelette and seemingly endless chocolate (my only two weaknesses).  And nipping at the heels of the lollidays - a bright, shiny new year to play with!

2011. For me, the turning of the year is a time to release regret and let go of any disappointments, failures or unmet expectations of the previous year and to look forward to learning, growing and engaging with the emerging opportunities that the new year brings.

This year I am embracing technology - I finally made the switch from PC to Mac and I also got myself an iPad. *GRIN* so I am riding the touch-pad learning curve and finding ways to put technology and social media at my fingertips (ahem) to serve myself and my clients.

Vision Board 2011 - Living on-purpose. Inspiring awareness, connection and community.
Swimming, yoga and a renewed vigour for housecleaning are also on the list. Yes, that's right. Housecleaning. Its part of my 2011 fitness plan and a way I actually like to move my body. And with those extra scrub-brush induced endorphins I'm planning to maximize my moodling - writing, drawing, dreaming.

And my vision for 2011 is full permission to have a glorious life, where well-being is found in the little things and contentment breeds abundance and joy.

I am saying 'yes' to loving every inch of my life.

What are you saying yes to in 2011?


  1. Love the new word, 'lollidays'. Perfect.

  2. Welcome to the 'Mac' world Vickie! You will love it! I'd forgotten about a vision board......oh...... I need to get one made. Thanks, you are so inspirational. Happy New Year! :-) Sue

  3. "a renewed vigour for housecleaning" - I need me some of that!


    "the comforts of flannelette and seemingly endless chocolate" mmmmm, so hear you there (as I stand up and have one more slice of my chocolate orange).