Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rapturous over Raspberries

It's raspberry and strawberry season in the Fraser Valley and lately I have been mixing eggs and buttermilk, flour and sugar and popping Rasberry Cakes in and out of the oven to serve to friends and family. This delicious cake recipe was passed on to me by my sister-in-law who brought one of these lovely sweet, tangy, crunchy, sugary treats as a dessert to a family dinner at our place. Her version used raspberries and blackberries - yum! - which she had purchased at the famous Granville Island Market in Vancouver. I purchased my beautiful berries farm-fresh from Lepp's Farm Market in Abbotsford BC and made a cake last night for a very special group of women. To me, there is nothing more satisfying than cooking or baking for people I love. It was a mild June night and we sat out on the deck, overlooking the Fraser River - shared secrets, shared food, laughed and then patted our full tummies over tea.

Next up: Strawberry Angel Food Cake for my bro, he's turning 50! Off to Lepp's I go with berry basket in hand.

Visit Lepp's online:

Check back tomorrow for the Raspberry Cake recipe!

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  1. Argh! I love the suspense, but it will be nice to anticipate that we may also look forward to a Strawberry Angel Food Cake recipe in our near future as well.