Sunday, May 23, 2010

Amy, Rusty & Herb

Ahhh - a long weekend! A great time to moodle about projects. A rainy weekend, too. Which means no pressure to do the projects and lots of time to dream them up. A perfect moodling matrix! A few daydreams on my list: a scented herb window box (partway there as a dear friend happened to bring some herbs by - catmint and lemon balm - and hubby painted up a rustic wooden box for me), drawstring utility bags (pretty ones, natch) inspired by my affection for Rusty the Rooster of Friendly Giant fame, and something FABULOUS with the Amy Butler fabric given to me by the same friend of the herbs (am I lucky, or what?). I'm thinking a reversible apron -- for special summer occasions like dinner in the garden and deck picnics. I need to scrounge up some complimentary fabric - a great excuse for a toddle through the thrift stores if the rain keeps up. And then to find a quiet Sunday afternoon to spend with scissors and pins....

The fabric has a really lovely William Morris feel, with a bright retro 'vibe' as my friend would say. I can't claim to be much of a fabric expert, but I do recommend a browse through the Amy Butler Designs site:
There is something very cheery and sunshiny about it - and how perfect is that on a wet spring weekend?

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  1. Please check out some of these free patterns from Amy Butler. There is one for a yoga mat carrier that is really great. I have used it and it is very useful & simple to sew. Except now I can't find it on her website. But I do have it printed out ...somewhere.